“What could be more worthwhile and valuable to any society than to be rich in art?
Ultimately, our time will be judged by our Art”
Philip Cannizzo Artist

Ann Snell Gallery was founded in 2003 and I am proud to have specialised in Aboriginal Art for eight years. 2012 will see the introduction of my 'Australian Art' collection.

A motivation for working with Aboriginal Art is that it gives my clients access to Aboriginal philosophy and culture via beautiful paintings. Art is a great vehicle for healing and learning.

The Art industry has become a lifeline for Aboriginal communities to self-sustain. It's an industry that promotes and values indigenous cultural identity.

2012 is the foundation year for my 'Australian Art' collection, featuring an exciting range of Artists using various mediums to explore universal the concepts of 'Post Modern Tribalism' and 'Unsustainable Industries' to name a few.

Art reflects the world around us and the one we are creating.

Enjoy this wealth of talent, I am proud to represent.

Ann Snell